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Where Will You Be--When the Lights Go Down?

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"Surely I am with you always. Even to the end of the world." Matthew 28 v20

What sense of comfort rushes forth from these few words!  To know that God will always be present in our lives, if only we would let Him.
How often, though, do we actually allow Him into our lives and let His glory shine forth to others? What would be the result if we, as sinful humans, kept that glory bottled up inside, never sharing the glorius message of salvation that God has Prepared for us through the sacrifice of his only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ?
What type of life could you envision you personally completing, knowing that you allowed your faith to be hidden from everyone you knew, met, or even cared about? Would you be able to live with the fact that you may have condemned your family and friends to reside in the pits of a fiery abyss that would keep them separated from God for eternity?

This is the battle that I have been fighting for nearly two years. I don't claim to understand God or the Holy Spirit, however, I do realize that my parents were facing a trumatic time ahead of them. They failed to listen to my entreaties of creating a Will and Testament for two years. Even more sadly, they turned a blind eye and ear to the words of Salvation I half heartedly tossed to them. Toss the Gospel of Jesus Christ to two of the most important people in my life like I would toss scraps of refuse to a wild dog! In December of 2004, my mother passed away from Cancer amidst a family that refused to allow and accept the potential healing power of God through treatment.
My mother and father, like most of my family, were and are not Christians. My mother was a High Priestess of the Wiccan Religion and a teacher of her faith. I realize that I will never again see my mother, wrapped in the loving arms of Christ, anxiously awaiting my family and I for a tearful reunion.
What I see instead is the laughing jeering face of Satan himself as he gleefully applauds the loss of another soul from Christ. He is laughing at me and tormenting me with the screams of anguish that come from the immortal remains of my mother's essence.

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